Running Buddy H20 Magnetic Water Bottle Pouch Review

Review of the Running Buddy magnetic water bottle pouch

The Running Buddy H20 Magnetic Pouch is designed to be an easy hands / belt free hydration solution. It’s essentially a sleek little pouch that magnetically clips to your waist band and holds either a 7oz or 10oz water bottle. This magnetization has another plus side; you can toss the pouch against the fridge after a run and have it stick to the surface, which has become a kind of post-run mini game for me.

Running Buddy H20 Magnetic Pouch
Running Buddy H20 magnetic pouch with 10 oz water bottle

It’s a pretty simple concept and you can learn more about it on their website, so let’s jump right into the pros and cons.


  • The bottles fit snug in the pouch, while still being easy to remove while on the go.
  • The magnets keep the pouch secure, once you get them lined up properly the magnets should hold regardless of how fast you’re running.
  • The bottles are easy to open and drink from.
  • You can use the pouch to carry other things when wearing shorts that don’t have pockets. I’ve used it to hold my phone while out walking the dog (be careful though, it’s not the most secure pocket for that purpose).


  • The 7oz bottle really isn’t enough capacity for any significant distance, so you might want to pay a little extra to get the 10oz bottle.
  • The mouth of the bottles isn’t big enough to fit ice cubes into.
  • If you don’t have a layer between your skin and the back of the pouch, you may experience some chafing (this can be an issue with shorts that have built in liners, since you may not be wearing underwear separate from the shorts).


  • The waistband on your shorts must be snug, otherwise the weight of the water bottle can drag them down and lead to an embarrassing moment. This is especially true if using the 10oz bottle.

This pouch has proven particularly useful for my short to medium runs on hot days, when the distance doesn’t necessarily require bringing water but the heat makes it so it’s smart to have a few ounces with you. It’s a good option for anyone who wants to bring some water with them without needing to strap anything to themselves.



Author: TheSpeedydave

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3 thoughts on “Running Buddy H20 Magnetic Water Bottle Pouch Review”

  1. In your review, you mentioned a 10 oz bottle option but I can’t find it anywhere. All I can find is the 7oz bottle. And like you said, it’s probably worth it to spring for the larger bottle. Do you know where to find the 10oz option?


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