Landed In Los Angeles

Just made it to La La Land!

This warm weather is refreshing, and apparently it’s going to be in the upper 90’s for the next few days. Quite a shock to the system… Fortunately I enjoy hot weather running, but dayum. Glad I brought my big handheld water bottle.

I don’t have a run planned for the rest of the day. I got up a little extra early this morning to put in 6 miles before my flight. I’ll just be resting and figuring out what run to do tomorrow. It’s nice being somewhere where the biggest decision you have to make each day is where to run and what to eat.

That actually sounds like the ideal retirement. If I’m lucky enough to still be running by the time I’m old and retired, I hope my life is led by those two decisions; where to run and what to eat. I’ll know I’ve led a successful life if those are my biggest concerns in 40 years.


Running Away To LA

Upcoming running vacation (run-cation) to Los Angeles

I’ll be shipping out west soon. Well, flying, but you get the picture.

Los Angeles is such a great running city. Sunny weather every day, an abundance of running / bike paths, even trails.

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood sign hike anyone?

This trip I plan on doing a Runyon Canyon run, a Griffith Park run, and the Santa Monica Mountains. The first two I’ve hiked before but never ran, and the Santa Monica Mountains I’ve heard are great for trail running but I’ve never been.

It’ll be a nice change of scenery, and I’m looking forward to seeing my two close friends who live out there.

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon

The day before my flight and the day of will be very light on miles. Hopefully that little taper will be enough to prepare my legs for the hell I plan on putting them through.

I’ll be sure to post about any adventures I get myself into!


Do any of you also go on occasional run-cations? Any top cities you like to travel to for running?